BioCEN workshops appear to be a reedy for a weakness of the Polish education system,
namely an insufficient Focus on practical and experimental approaches in the area of life
Our goal is to cover several scientifically and educationally important topics, such as
molecular and cellular biology, histology, immunology, microbiology, biochemistry,
biotechnology, plant physiology, bionics/bioengineering, biophysics, nutrition and medical
We encourage participating students to take advantage of their creativity while working
individually on real-life experiments in real lab.
High School:
Histology, embryology and stem cells

Sentenced in accordance with the law of DNA
Cellular superstructures
Synergy: the inner life of cells
Explore your own DNA
Protein fingerprints in different tissues
Biotechnology of antibodies in clinical practice

Junior High (Elementary Schools 7 th and 8 th Grades)
Yeast: a living micro-factory
On the trail of DNA
Do you know what you eat?
Secrets of enzymes
Secrets of photosynthesis
How colors are made?
Keeping dirt and cleanliness in balance – microbiology for junior high students

Elementary School (2 nd to 6 th Grades)
Green sugar factories: how photosynthesis works
What sticks and what floats?
The world of colors
The world of substances
Acidic or nonacidic?
Secrets of food
Secrets of fluorescence

How much sugar do plants contain?
Keeping dirt and cleanliness in balance – microbiology for kids